Sample Management

  • Create samples from paired and unpaired FASTQ files
  • Track samples from creation to analysis
  • Quickly and easily search and filter sample records
  • Error correction, trimming, and quality assessment is performed automatically
  • View sample quality metrics generated during import in clean, readable graphics. Analysis and graphics based on FastQC, the most commonly used next-gen QC tool

Bioinformatic Analysis

  • Detect Known Viruses
  • Quickly assess sample libraries for the presence of viruses in Virtool's reference database.
  • Based on tools such as Bowtie2 and Pathoscope
  • Discover Novel Viruses
  • Use our novel analytical pipeline, NuVs, to find previously unknown viruses
  • Uses SPAdes and HMMER
  • Inspired by vFAM

Reference Management

  • Maintain multiple reference sets for different classes of pathogens or pests
  • Manage OTUs
  • Easily browse and edit the organizational taxonomic units (OTUs) in a reference
  • Easily create and edit OTUs without touching a text file
  • Track and detect multiple isolates or strains of an OTU
  • Enter multiple sequence segments and automatically retrieve data based on Genbank accessions
  • Track every change ever made to an OTU
  • Easily revert uncommitted changes
  • Follow a natural versioning lifecycle by building optimized mapping indexes when valid changes have been made to the reference


  • Create Subtractions
  • Create subtraction indexes for removing unwanted sequencing data from analyses

Job Management

  • Manage and track resource-intensive tasks such as analyses or sample creation
  • Find out where indiviual jobs are in their lifecycles

User Management

  • Add or remove users and control their access and permissions
  • Control Activity Using Groups
  • Assign group ownership and rights to samples
  • Control reference access and modification rights by user and group
  • Restrict activity using group permissions