Jobs Updated February 5, 2020


Jobs represent long running, resource-intensive processing tasks. All job types are related to analyzing and handling bioinformatic data.

Type Description
BuildIndex Build a new index for a reference
CreateSample Create a sample from uploaded FASTQ data
CreateSubtraction Create a new subtraction from an uploaded genome FASTA
NuVs Run a NuVs analysis for a sample and reference combination
PathoscopeBowtie Run a Pathoscope analysis for a sample and reference combination

Jobs are started when a task is started in another view (eg. sample creation dialog). New jobs are appended to the job queue and start as resources become available.

List Jobs

The jobs list can be accessed by navigating to Jobs in the top navigation bar.

Jobs Navigation

The jobs list shows all waiting, running, and finished jobs. Jobs can be cancelled and deleted from the list view.

Jobs Navigation

View Detail

Detailed information for a job can be viewed by clicking on its entry in the job list.

Jobs Navigation

Cancel a Job

Running and waiting jobs can be cancelled. Cancellation entails forcibly stopping the job process and cleaning up any partial job data from the database and file system.

Jobs can be cancelled by clicking the icon at the right end of the job list item.

Cancel Job from List

Delete a Job

Once a job is finished, either by completing, erroring, or being cancelled, its record can be deleted. Click the icon in the jobs list to delete the job.

Delete Job from List

Jobs can also be deleted via their detail page by clicking the icon.

Delete Job from Detail Page

Host Resources

Host resource utilization numbers can be viewed by clicking the Resources link in the left sidebar.

Host Resource Settings


Job-specific settings can be accessed by clicking the Settings link in the left sidebar. This link will only be visible to administrators.