Create a Sample Updated February 5, 2020

Upload a FASTQ File

Go to Samples view via the main navigation bar.

Empty Sample Manager

Click Files in the left sidebar to go to the sample read file manager.

Sample File Manager

Upload a FASTQ read file.

In the Samples view, click to open the sample creator. The file you uploaded should now be available in file list.

Sample Creator

Create a Sample

Fill out the fields in the sample creator. Only the sample name, subtraction host, and one or two read files are required.

Sample Creator Filled

Click Save and you should immediately see a placeholder for your sample in the Samples view. The spinner indicates that the sample is still being created.

Sample Creator Filled

When the sample creation process is finished your sample will look something like this:

Sample Creation Complete

When the sample is ready, you can see some information about your sample by clicking the sample entry in the Samples view.

Sample General Information

You can view a quality assessment generated using FastQC, by clicking the Quality tab.

Sample Quality