Install HMMs Updated February 5, 2020

In order to use the NuVs algorithm, you must first install HMM profiles and annotations. Together these data allow NuVs to identify and annotate sequences assembled from your sample that might comprise part of a novel viral genome.

Install Official Data

Navigate to the HMMs view in the main navigation bar. You should see something like this if no HMM data have already been installed: “No HMM data found”

Click the Install Official button to begin downloading the data. This could take some time. The page should look something like this: “Installing Official HMM Data”

When the installation is complete, the HMM data will load and you will see a list of annotations. “Installed Official HMM Data

Clicking on an HMM item will show detailed information for that HMM profile and its biological annotation. “HMM Detail”