Legacy API Docs. These docs are for Virtool 4.3.3.


JSON Errors

JSON input that cannot be parsed, results in a 400 Bad request response. No more information is provided with the response, so make sure your JSON is formatted properly!

  "id": "invalid_json",
  "message": "Invalid JSON"

Authorization Errors

For some endpoints, an authorized session is required. Authorized sessions are obtained by logging in through the browser. Accessing user-specific endpoints like GET /api/account without an authorized session will result in the following error:

  "id": "requires_login",
  "message": "Requires login"

Validation Errors

JSON input data for POST and PUT endpoints and URL queries are validated using Cerberus.

Validation errors will result in a 422 Unprocessable Entity response. The response data includes the default Cerberus error report. Refer to the Cerberus documentation.

  "id": "invalid_input",
  "message": "Invalid input",
  "errors": {
    "foo_bar": ["unknown field"],
    "new_password": ["required field"],
    "old_password": ["required field"]

In this example, the foo_bar field is not expected in the request. The required new_password and old_password fields are missing from the request. Refer to the input definition tables for each endpoint in the documentation to make sure your inputs are valid.